Segment 1:  Big Baller Brand Madness. D-Stat goes Gaga in the DC sports hole. NFL Draft chatter, organizational competence, plus a different vibe in Indianapolis and San Francisco. The great Lonzo Ball Z02 shoe debacle, LaVar Ball paints the target, rage face baggage, and an infamous kicks-starter.  Shaq weighs in, Twitter roasts away, Jar Jar strikes back, and Cuba Gooding Sr.’s dedication to LaVar Ball.  The 49ers tighten up, John Lynch delivers – redefining organizational vision. The Christian McCaffery flex factor, sitting out bowl games, and the Jake Butt effect.

Segment 2 (45.56): NFL Draft fun. Capitals – Penguins, the Crosby concussion factor, the Russian Machine Never Breaks blog, plus a savage Matt Niskanen tattoo. Wizards – Celtics getting feisty, the Markieff and Marcus Morris switcheroo, and John Wall keeps balling. The incredible Isaiah Thomas story keeps rolling.  We talkin’ bout practice, Spicer?!?! Kobe’s lion story plus LeBron passes Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Hold my beer, LeBron style. NBA Playoffs round up. Spurs – Rockets. Breaking Bad in real life. Raising a glass to Paul Pierce, the last of the 1998 draft class, and Vinsanity balls on! Facebook anniversary video shenanigans plus the years of reflection.

Segment 3 (1.45.53): NFL Draft round table – well done, Philadelphia! Drew Pearson trolls Philly like a boss.  Favorite draft moments, the Indy Orangutan, and Jerod Evans whiffs. AP to the Saints. May the 4th be with you plus Cinco de Mayo fun. The 49ers, Bears, and the Mitchell Trubisky factor. Jack Links Chewbacca crew. The intriguing Cleveland Browns, Jamaal Charles to the Broncos, and the Utah Jazz hook a fan up with eSight.  Wrap up failbuckets, May the 4th Be With You, O’Reilly Returns. 5-05-2017, MP3 format.

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