Segment 1:  NFL Week 14 Fun. Jeff Fisher goes Friday. The York effect, 49ers fail buckets, and rebuilding an organizational identity. Driving ratings with the power franchises. Appreciating Reggie McKenzie’s Raider rebuild.  Jamaal Anderson breaks out a new version of the Dirty Bird. Celebrating lives well lived - raising a glass to Alan Thicke and Craig Sager (RIP). Living beyond the box, dap for Verne Lundquist, plus the art of rejection.

Segment 2 (52.51): Redskins – Eagles. Darren Sproles gets crushed as the Redskins keep staying alive for the playoffs. Songification memories. Michael Floyd, meet Uber. Podcast protection and a Naked Gun intervention for Philip Rivers. Jamaal Anderson returns and a Growing Pains Boner. Army – Navy gets Trumped. Seaman Stains returns plus cranking up the military name game with Major Balls. Lane Kiffin goes to FAU plus the Wake Forest Wakey Leaks controversy is only beginning.

Segment 3 (1.36.08): NFL round up. Das Boot and a D-Stat inspired Blame Belichick. Circling back to Army – Navy. JMU takes down North Dakota State. Seahawks – Rams. The Seahawks roller coaster. Redskins – Eagles part II. Confidence in Kirk Cousins. Steelers – Bills. Le’Veon Bell blows up.  Patriots – Ravens. Giants – Cowboys. Walkie-talkie fun time and the Giants D knuckles up.  Saints – Bucs. Drew Brees and the decline of the drop back passer. Colts – Texans failbuckets. Wrap up shenanigans. 12-17-2016, MP3 format

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