Segment 1:  Summer fun, Scott’s Addition RVA brewery shenanigans, and Vick on Kap’s hair. Raising a glass to the Penguins, the Warriors, D-Stat, and the return of Game of Thrones. The power of the beer curve, the cocaine Cookie Monster, plus Teddy Tennison dap for Roger Federer.  Conor McGregor’s FU suit. Having a laugh with Shiti NBA chatter, LeBron’s next move, Lonzo Ball expectations, and injecting Showtime back into the Lakers. The Rockets aggressiveness, dap for Durant, and the Warriors window.  Calvin Johnson taps out plus Lucky Whitehead’s dognapper.

Segment 2 (52.06): The salsa showdown game of thrones. Sisqo’s new Thong Song (no, really) gets the Cookie Monster treatment. The crazy Kirk Cousins contract story – toxic relationships, Redskins failbuckets, PR shaming, and wondering about the state of the Redskins front office. The RGIII context.  Consistent competitiveness - the importance of organizational competence and team vision. A new strategy of dealing with large QB contracts? The year to year prove it scenario – the anti Flacco contract. Surveying the NFL QB landscape – from elite to barf buckets, where does Cousins fit in?  Wrap up, checking a beer, bad Fantasy league bets, and Gollum breaks out the Trump tweets. 07-20-2017, MP3 format.

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