Segment 1:  Super Bowl 51 Preview – Patriots vs Falcons showdown! NFL News and notes. The Failhorn hits a wall but gets a baba. The Matt Ryan – Tom Brady machine, Julio Jones, and finding ways to exploit matchup weaknesses. The legacy question – which team and players have the most on the line. Marshawn Lynch breaks out the Skittles in Scotland, the missing ring for Roger, and the Sam Adams trollfest. The Goodell FU tour and the Deflate Gate aftermath of destruction. D-Stat weighs in with Patriots prop bets, the Kraft death grip, and trophy presentation fun.

Segment 2 ( 44.18): Falcons – Patriots pick ‘em party. The high octane Falcone offense, the evolution of Matt Ryan, and the impact of Kyle Shanahan. Matt Ryan’s insane production – the Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady parallel. Offense as defense, leveraging the run, and remembering the Giants – Bills. The Patriots front office tree in Atlanta. Going deep with Eugene Robinson. The other BC for Matt Ryan. Calling our shots for the Super Bowl plus players that escaped crap teams (here’s looking at you, Alex Mack). Ridiculous Tom Brady stats. Wrap up fun with Linde, knock off jerseys, and Failhorning (round 2).

Segment 3 (1.41.15): Birthday brew dap and a happy anniversary tip of the cap. NCAA Basketball round up. Kansas – Kentucky, Villanova – UVa, and Duke – Wake Forest plus the Luke Kennard bandwagon. Thanks for the memories, Brent Musburger. Super Bowl prop bet fun. NFC and AFC Championship rewind of failbuckets. Big Ben gets his inner Favre on. Teddy Tennison drops some dap for Roger Federer and the Williams sisters.  01-31-2017, MP3 format

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