Segment 1:  NFL News and Notes, McGuffin beer tours in Iceland, and the NCAA Tournament rewind. Getting ready for the 8th Annual Chili Cook-Off and Failhorn intro shenanigans. A tip of the cap to the Undertaker and his Wrestlemania walk off. The Tony Romo retirement saga. Beast Mode returns plus Richard Sherman trade rumors. The Raiders relocation - the impact of legacy franchises. Jay Cutler flirts with retirement plus buyer beware Eli Manning sports memorabilia. The Colin Kaepernick excuse generator, David Quessenberry breaks the bell, and fun with NFL draft busts.  Moe Harkless cashes out as the Cavaliers roll the deuce. NBA Playoffs chatter, the trendy Cavaliers – Warriors picks, and Wizards upside. Redskins FO failbuckets.

Segment 2 (1.02.10): The Minivan Mafia. Russell Westbrook rocks the triple doubles, the Big O pops by, and NBA MVP chatter. Lexi Thompson gets hosed by the LPGA and the Space-X Ball Brigade is born. Zootopia meets Breaking Bad plus a soccer player meths out. Sergio Garcia gets the Emmitt Smith treatment. Behold the Chizza.

Segment 3 (1.37.13): UNC – Gonzaga Championship Game plus Final Four Rewind. Karnowski brick city, surviving a foul fest, plus UNC’s wear you out then foul you out strategy. Dap for UNC and a Tarheel flavored stroll through the record books of the elite. South Carolina bags the women’s championship, UConn goes down, plus Dawn Staley delivers. Joel Berry’s family believes. Appreciating Frank Martin – the journey of the college athlete.  Wrap up, furry conventions, beer marathons, and fun with United Airlines memes. 04-13-2017, MP3 format.

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