Segment 1: NFL Draft Round up – Trey Lance, COME ON DOWN! The Aaron Rodgers goes Days of Our Lives. The Twitter Terminator and the TNT tick fueled taint bomb. Jake Paul vs Tom Wilson, FTW! Caps – Rangers NHL fisticuffs throwdown! Fun with enforcers in sports. Aaron Rodgers, the Adam Schefter draft bomb, and cranking up the NFL soap opera media machine. Hospital Funyun runs. Communication issues - managing the teams personality vs managing the personalities of your team. Building for windows of opportunity. The Brett Favre – Aaron Rodgers parallel in Green Bay roster building. The Randy Moss what if. RELAX, but with respect. It just happened to be Draft day, bruh. Timing matters plus the reactionary clicks machine. Get off Terry Bradshaw’s lawn! The Tom Brady context – controlling your legacy. Jerry Krause blasts and firing up the Shailene Woodley. Speculation shenanigans, the Rodgers – 49ers what if, and running through various Rodgers NFL trade ideas. The Lamar Jackson – Aaron Rodgers throwdown.

Segment 2 (1.30.34): The Tick returns, full spoon edition. The Internet goes for Zach Wilson’s mom. Salud o’clock! Clurichaun plus Five Guys dayum, Gaetz keeping fun, and Linde’s training session sabotage. From Schitt’s Creek to Arrested Development – a streaming party roundup. The Fargo – Breaking Bad challenge. The Tick returns with bonus songification. In honor of Mother’s Day, there’s always money in the banana stand. Texas Rangers fan gender reveal fail. MLB no-hitter party, the 7 inning doubleheader no-hitter stupidity. MLB roundup, the wonky three-batter rule, and that freaking shift. Kentucky Derby chatter. Wrap up, Shannon’s nap zone photograph, and raising a glass for Mother’s Day. MP3 format, 05-07-2021.

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