Segment 1: NFL AFC and NFC Championship Games plus Super Bowl preview. Watson, Stafford, and the looming off-season of quarterback movement wildness. The Make A Wish Foundation sponsors the Packers D. Kevin King gets torched. The wasted opportunities for the Packers and the Bills. Stafford goes Kirk Cousins. The aftermath of Packers – Bucs. Lack of communication, lack of guts, and a stack of shoulda, coulda, woulda. Risk and reward – appreciating the teams that go big in the playoffs. The 4th and fail that defined the Packers loss. Letting them play… or not. Gutless analytics and having a feel for the moment. Owning the moment! Big lessons for LaFleur, the Packers OL gets abused, and Survivor gone wrong. The Failhorn calls out Linde’s Tom Brady fandom (1.08.44). TB12 Fun Factoid party. The Aaron Rodgers situation, Jordan Love, plus the Rodgers – Favre parallel. Super Bowl preview, part 1. The Brady vs Mahomes angle plus sustained success - the evolution of a team over a player’s career.

Segment 2 (1.42.24): Super Bowl Preview, Part II. The curious case of Tom Brady hate, the LeBron parallel, and Deflate Gate’s slow death. The importance of playoff success to a player’s legacy. On and off field leadership – Mahomes and Hardman. Eli, Brady, and the what if we could share a beer segment. The Wall Street Bets Reddit board and a GME Stonk party. Salud o’clock! Chiefs – Bills. Cole Beasley dap, football fisticuffs, and a Josh Allen meme boop. The Tyreek Hill week 12 one-man fantasy team rewind. The Kelce – Hill machine plus  cranking up the wayback stat fun facts. Going full bore in the Super Bowl – the anti-LaFleur. Beware underselling the defenses. Betting shenanigans and raising a glass to the bettors that took the Bucs at 50-1. The Packers – Bucs plus the dangers of ceding control of a game. NFL Hall of Fame chatter. MLB Hall of Fame shenanigans, empty ballots, the saga of Curt Schilling, Barry Bonds gets the double bust, and good ol’ Bud Selig. Calling our early shots for the Super Bowl. Wrap up with the wrong kind of under – backdoor COVID testing. MP3 format, 01-28-2021.

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