Segment 1:  Final Four preview throwdown! Buy one, burn one for McGuffin. Epic Kentucky – UNC language lessons, elation to devestation, and ref rage face gone too far. D-Stat’s Gonzaga beard. The Las Vegas Raiders are here, helping legacy franchises, NFL stadium issues, and a Raiders themed Las Vegas brothel (of course!). Final Four storylines, UNC – Kentucky, and the South Carolina dark horse phenomenon. America falls in love with Frank Martin and Sindarius Thornwell. LaVar Ball gets the UCLA hate train chugging plus Lonzo sets the bar high. Gonzaga’s feel good story, VCU gets UT, the UNC – Roy Williams legacy, and Tarheel redemption story. South Carolina’s run and the 2011 VCU parallel.  The Oregon Ducks and the mighty Jordan Bell.  Frank Martin, giving credit, and the SI kid. The Raider’s new Black Hole, UNC – Oregon bracket baggage, and Christian Laettner trolls on.

Segment 2 (1.05.10): Sweet 16 and Elite 8 rewind. Arizona failbuckets, Gonzaga mop-up duty, and the WVa game ending meltdown. Rec Ball Ralph plus the matador goes down. Oregon rallies up and the Jayhawks go BSE. Wisconsin – Florida, USC – Florida, UNC – KY, and Luke Maye dap. Rent Breastburger is born! Working the lines and calling our shots for South – Carolina, UNC – Oregon, and the Championship throwdown. Beardo, and the Captain has to barf UNC dap, fun with the underdogs, and the rush of sports destiny. Wrap up, LeVar Burton says hi, MLB’s Matt Foly, and Cards Against Humanity gets in on Internet Privacy. 03-30-2017, MP3 format.

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