Segment 1:  The DC Sports suckhole claims the Caps and the Wizards, breaking out the D-Stat Bro Romper, and a new vibe in Indianapolis. MattVar Ball, the LaVar ball backlash, and the letting Lonzo Ball spread his wings. LaVar Ball vs Kristine Leahy, the Colin Cowherd blowback, and MattVar throws shade at Eli Manning. The Lakers vs the LaVar Ball vortex, the Jeanie Buss factor, and the Big Baller Brand dilemma. Trust the process – fun with the NBA draft lottery. Dial a D-Bag.

Segment 2 (49.55): Salud o’clock plus the 5th Element on the big screen – Aknot! WOT! Wrapping up the Wizards and Caps season, fun with the DC Sports Suckhole, and Kelly freakin’ Olynyk. Harden BSE. There’s something about MattVar. Dick Tracy and the Dong Show murder defense strategy turn into an off the rails man-eater gag bag. Meatloaf can’t go for that plus I got a snake, man! NBA Playoffs. Cavaliers – Celtics, Warriors – Spurs, Zaza steps in, Kawhi goes down, and have the Warriors become the villains? Tom Brady vs the Madden Curse.

Segment 3 (1.51.38) Raising a glass to Chris Cornell - a legacy beyond the music. Celebrating the anthems of youth, the shared journey through music, and a voice of a generation. The Social Media soap box – turning from grief shaming to sharing new discovery. The intimacy of art and the gift of life through music. I Am The Highway outro. RIP, friend.  05-19-2017, MP3 format.

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