Segment 1:  NFL Divisional Fun. Packers – Cowboys thriller and a Steelers FG fest.  49ers shenanigans - run away, Kyle Shannahan! Todd goes double agent plus the Texans go Titanic. Mason Crosby’s crazy balls, FTW! Fun with the Chargers relocation dumpster fire. The Packers in-season turn around, building confidence, Jordy Nelson, and Aaron Rodgers lights the fires. Dap for Zeke and Dak plus the looming Romo question. Skip Bayless trolls on plus Stephen A. Smith hammers on Cowboys fans. Michael “beeping” Bennett goes cranky pants.  The salty Seattle Seahawks rage facers start bringing out the haters. Travis Kelce gets in on the salty post game rage face party plus the D-Stat Poo bot.  

Segment 2 (1.00.33): Salud o’clock! Raising a glass to Superfly Snuka. Fun with a James Harrison – Steve Smith tag team plus Bill Belichick’s SnapFace.  Antonio Brown’s Facebook live failbuckets, Brice Butler huddles up, and penalty party shenanigans with Salt Bae. Exploiting mistakes - the opportunity costs of penalties. Busting a gut with the Azzarati Aussie mock commentators on the Packers – Cowboys game. Wrapping up Packers – Cowboys with some Aaron Rodgers magic on 3rd and 20. Falcons – Seahawks. Seattle coulda, shoulda, woulda moments that flipped the game. The Falcons deliver plus dap for Matt Ryan.  Patriots – Texans. Respect for the Texans D, Patriots mistakes, and Brock Osweiler failbuckets. Dion Lewis puts on a show, Tom Brady goes deep, and Edelman keeps on trucking.   

Segment 3 (1.47.14): Conference Championship time! Calling our shots for Patriots – Steelers and Packers – Falcons. The AFC QB run – Brady, Big Ben, and Manning domination.   A strong NFL Final Four, compelling Super Bowl story lines, and the Brady – Goodell factor. Twitter fun with Brock Osweiler. Aaron Rodgers ROLLS OUT! Wrap up fun plus the Failhorn’s inflatable A-Rod. 01-17-2017, MP3 format

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