Segment 1:  NFL Week 12 shenanigans. The Chiefs FG doink for Carr. Failhorn song time fun – Livin’ La Vida Chokah and fantasy football block parties. Kaepernick LIVES! Turkey time rewind, a beer fail, and beer pong beer. Céspedes gets paid, Nat blasts, and MLB CBA updates – ditching the All Star Game home field advantage. Mark McGwire and the HoF. D-Stat’s Carnival Cruise ship Phelps’ face isht party. Borderlands – Torgue gets Trumped. NCAA Football Playoff mayhem, Navy, and Michigan – Ohio State shenanigans.  A Plus 2 NCAA Football Playoff pipe dream – avoiding over expansion. The Little Debbie Bowl is born. Ed Orgeron and LSU. The story of Elsie Mahe. A Nickelback punishment.

Segment 2 (56.05): Salud o’clock! The impact of Gronk’s back injury. Cowboys – Redskins and Troy Aikman’s pull out party. The Billdo, the rebirth of the Winslow jersey, and Eagles fans want to deport EDP445. Cowboys – Vikings: the Cowboys fansplosion continues.  Steelers – Colts. Packers – Eagles. The Bucs drop the hammer on the Seahawks. NFC Playoff scenarios. Raiders – Panthers.  Failhorn in low places. Chiefs – Broncos, Tyreek Hill balls out, going for the win, and the doink. Ravens – Bengals. Justin Tucker, FG machine, and a Harbaugh hold up. Wrap up thoughts, Taylor Gabriel says hi, NFL underachievers, and Vinsanity lives on. MOW MY LAWN! 12-02-2016, MP3 format

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