Segment 1:  NFL Week 11 round up. Rickrolling the Failhorn, Packers style. Cardinals failbuckets, Giants gelling, and the NFC East is balling. TB12 finally gets San Fran plus the double fisting with D-Stat salud o’clock! Redskins – Packers. Appreciating the maturation of Kirk Cousins, Fat Rob breaks out, and aggressive calls set up the win. Pay the man! Ask Cleveland about the search for a QB. Glossing up Scot McCloughan.

Segment 2 ( 50.18): D-Stat’s Lakers , Thanksgiving football fun, and the Failhorn’s Braille Turkey unleashes Sam Jackson and Arnold mayhem. Cowboys – Ravens. Steve Smith hits 1k pls Dak clutches up in the 4th quarter. Seahawks  - Eagles. Russell Wilson gets healthy. Colts – Titans. Raiders – Texans. Officiating gone wrong, laser pointers, and barb wire fences.  Thanksgiving song throwback, Brailling a Turkey, and the great Failhorn Turfucken incident. A Sports Brew Thanksgiving PSA – celebrating each other. Wrapping up with more Turfucken fun and a classic Thanksgiving D-Stat streaking bad batting celebration. LiveTunes failbuckets and the D-Stat triple-ply. 11-23-2016, MP3 format

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