Segment 1:  NFL Week 13. The insane Bryce Harper contract rumors plus the Failhorn beats it. The 49ers go full BSE, Blake Bortles stank mode, plus Gus Bradley kills the Jaguars dead. Patriots – Rams, the contrast between winning and mediocrity, and the Jeff Fisher L Train rolls on. Chiefs – Falcons and Chiefs - Raiders. Raising a glass to Eric Berry plus KC mojo. Looking at AFC playoff races, Steelers up, the road through New England, and those pesky Ravens. Colts – Jets. Cheap tickets for Jets failbuckets, Fitztragic, Colts roll, and streaking with Kevin Harlan.  Dap for Frank Gore, HoF consideration, and a Skins – 49ers throwback. Snow Angel celebration flag fail. Mick Jagger unleashes his inner Philip Rivers plus TLC’s Rivers’ Rage Face special. Colts, Texans, Brock Osweiler fails on, and Bob McNair drains the plane with Raiders fans.  

Segment 2 (53.15): MLB round table, Yoenis Céspedes, Chris Sale, Aroldis Chapman, and fun with Big Papi. Klay Thompson on FIRE plus the Warriors multi-dimensional weapons – the power of star depth. Giants – Steelers. Green means go, wasted opportunities, Eli’s advice to Beckham, and tightening up for the playoffs. Dallas goes prime time. Lions – Saints. NFC Playoff races. Raiders – Bills. Redskins – Cardinals barfbags. Packers – Texans. Seahawks – Panthers plus the Cam Newton incident.  Wrap up, a mannequin challenge fail, and the fake news battle continues. Remembering Pearl Harbor plus raising a glass to John Glenn (RIP). 12-09-2016, MP3 format

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