Segment 1:  NFL Week 15, Colts get Hypnotized, and bro texting shenanigans. Grayson Allen tripping failbuckets plus glory holing with the Amazon shittens reviews. Giants – Lions. The evolution of a football season, a lockdown D, plus setting the tone with complimentary football. Danger in Detroit – beware the Packers. Adding player personality back to the NFL plus easing up on celebration penalties. Redskins – Panthers. Jordan Reed squares up the fail and the Redskins go full BSE (again). The looming Kirk Cousins question. Jaguars – Texans. Gus Bradley gets das boot plus Tom Coughlin rumors. Falcons – 49ers.  San Diego Chargers pocket pool party. Bacon Pancakes New York Mashup and a Lil’ Jon Lazytown cooking remix.

Segment 2 (1.03.23): NFL Round up. Elephant revenge farts (seriously). Packers – Bears. Flying decals and the Packers home away from home. Romo and the Texans cock Brock. Patriots – Broncos. Cowboys – Bucs. Dak steps up plus Zeke hammers home. Saints – Cardinals barn burner.  Raider – Chargers. Colts beatdown the Vikings. Titans – Chiefs freeze fail. Steelers – Bengals. Burfict gonna Burfict.

Segment 3 ( 1.47.28): Ravens – Eagles. Steve Smith ices up, son! Christian McCaffery and Leonard Fournette sit this one out. Cowboys – Bucs, Part II. Zeke and the Salvation Army bucket plus Sting the Intimidation coach. Raising a glass to Cindy Stowell’s Jeopardy run. Reaching the next generation of fans, embracing the moment, and opportunity space for the NFL. Merry Christmas from the Sports Brew – make your moments! Caroling with Bill Belichick and a Sports Brew stocking stuffer.  12-22-2016, MP3 format

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