Segment 1:  NFL Week 16, playoff scenarios, Christmas catch-up, and ZZ-Stat. The Browns win (no, really!).  The evolution of a season, the collapse of the Vikings, and the rise of the Packers.  Carrie Fisher RIP, from the Bacta Tank, beyond Leia, plus a George Michael RIP.  Thank you for being a friend, protecting Betty White from 2016, and a D-Stat positivity moment. The price of life, slices of childhood, plus the collective social media grieving process. George R.R. Martin chimes in. Transitioning with Giants – Eagles. Division game gotcha. NFC Playoff scenarios. Redskins – Giants, pulling starters, and wacky Vegas lines. Wondering which Seahawks team shows up, Falcons fireworks, and the Packers crank up the heat. Cowboys roll, keeping Dez happy, and managing Zeke.    

Segment 2 (56.32): Chiefs – Broncos: the fat man TD. Patriot- Jets: Fitztragic returns. The Texans – Bengals barf burner. AFC playoffs, Raiders issues - Derek Carr goes down plus the road through New England. Thanks for the memories, Rex Ryan. Steelers upside and inconsistency. Steelers – Ravens. Fun with Steve Smith.  College Football playoffs – calling our shots for Alabama – Washington and Clemson – Ohio State. Lane Kiffin misses the bus and a Bama lineman’s missing a finger. The Hokies storm back in the Belk bowl. PSA: don’t shoplift from Belk, dumbass. Colts issues, the importance of team building, and time for a change in the front office? Wrap up. Fantasy Football fun plus, caffeine cops, a solo cup RIP. Christmas goats, New Year’s Eve party mode, alternate definitions, and Poo McClanahan. 12-30-2016, MP3 format

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