Segment 1:  Super Bowl 51 – the Patriots comeback and the Falcons heartbreak. Episode 199 - the accidental TB12 dedication. The Knicks go failbuckets with Charles Oakley. Roger Goodell inspires the freshly minted D-Stat Boo. Basking in the Super Bowl glow. The Recumbent Flip My Load. Victory parade fun, Gronk chugs, and a fitting Belichick chant. The Sports Ball party poopers – missing out on the heart of sports. A comeback for the ages capping off an incredible sports year. Situational football, the Falcons’ inability to put the game away, and the bully takes it in the chin.  Julio’s signature catch plus the Falcons go 3rd and failbuckets.  Taking the hits - collapse vs. comeback as the Patriots get off the mat.

Segment 2 (53.18): Super Bowl 51 numbers – stat fun, records, and oddities. Monday morning excuses, Falcons fans failbuckets fun, and the Patriots salt trucks come rolling through. Super Bowl 51 rewind, the Pick 6, Arthur Blank walks it out, and James White balls out. From T.O.P. to third and none - a friendly reminder from the Patriots to DO YOUR JOB! The Patriots finally get their catch, remembering David Tyree, and Julian Edelman delivers. Raising a glass to Chris Berman. Cash me outside shenanigans. Roger that! The Simpsons go Gaga, Super Bowl memes, and a Falcons dad cries. The Montana gold standard, Tom Brady GOAT chatter, and the Bill Russell factor. Belichick, Brady, and the Patriots - right player, right time, right place.  Adobe Falcons Failbuckets recovery mode wrap up with Shannon plus NFL Hall of Fame inductions. 02-10-2017, MP3 format.

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