Segment 1:  From March Madness to March Sadness. Tournament fails, hails, and bracket betting shenanigans.  Celebrating the storylines. Michigan upside, Louisville BSE, and Purdue – Iowa State. UNC – Arkansas, ACC fans turn on each other, and Duke – South Carolina. The Gamecocks 2nd half eruption, Duke flaws, and a big bag of BSE. Sindarius Thornwell name game and Frank Martin goes Kool-Aid Man. Fun with #LavarBallSays. Triple Fisting salud o’ clock. Copper Horse liquor infused coffee. D-Stat’s degenerateness, Michigan love, and a Sweet 16 rundown. Will Wade leaves VCU for LSU, UVa Failbuckets, Xavier rolls, and Northwestern gets the shaft vs Gonzaga. Tom Brady’s jersey and the International Man of Mystery.

Segment 2 (1.07.09): Back to Duke – South Carolina, Bitter Beer fan, and dark horse storylines.  Stone Brewing’s Full Circle Pale Ale – from toilet to tap. More LaVar Balls says fun. Northwestern’s run, the Vanderbilt foul fail, and the impact of blown calls – you had ONE job! Sweet 16 chatter, WVa – Gonzaga. Kentucky steps it up, UCLA, Lonzo Ball, and the infamous tune up game.  Badger dap, Nigel Hayes, and the cattywampus.  Kentucky – Wichita State, crying Northwestern Kid, and the return of the piccolo.

Segment 3 (1.49.54): Mike Rhoades returns to VCU. Calling our Final Four shots, bracket eaters, and WVa couch burning glory.  The Sports Brew’s furniture store – Buy one, burn one free!  Bracket trash, Stone’s poop beer returns and sand blasting your face off with hops. The ongoing Colin Kaepernick saga plus Agent Orange weighs in. Enjoying March Madness, Chuck Berry RIP, and wrap up fun with a buzzer beater happy anniversary. 03-22-2017, MP3 format.

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