Segment 1: NFL Week 3 plus Thursday Night Football Survivor League drama. Colts BSE. Shohei Ohtani gloss up. Packers – 49ers, Davante gets leveled, and the 37 second comeback. The Chiefs get squirrely, the AFC West, and the Chargers go big. The Nagy blowback in Chicago, Fields gets crushed, getting Ludacris, and the Browns have a field day. The Super Bowl halftime show gets it right. A vintage Failhorn beatdown in Madden. Seventeen Coronas at the strip club, one hobo, and a 7-11 Informer take down (42.30). DJ Failhorn womp womp, Push It, and the Red Light Inn story of fail. The Failhorn Music Man blast. MLB playoff chatter and D-Stat on the Cardinals. Giants – Falcons, boo birds, Eli MNF double birds for Philly, and Mara takes out the trash. Danny Dimes gets the Manscaped Crop Mop for ball control. Steelers BSE. Salud o’ clock. Arrested Development dap and the Strahan gap.

Segment 2 (1.32.15): Cowboys roll the Eagles, the TD that wasn’t, and Dak goes Pikachu. The Rams torch the Bucs, the San Fran QB story, plus TB12’s return to New England.  Ravens – Lions, another crushing loss in Detroit, play clock BSE, and Justin Tucker doinks through a record breaker. Chargers – Chiefs, 4th down guts, and KC getting squirrely on the struggle bus. Bills – WFT WTF. Raiders drama. NFL roundup. Swinging gate and a Ron Beckman reference. Wrap up. Don’t mess with bat bites, yo. Manning Night Football hips don’t lie. Jalen Hurts, the deuce is loose, poop peeker log jams. The Twitter Poopinator, R. Kelly prison fartaconda, and Meatloaf won’t do that. The Chappelle R. Kelly outro. MP3 format, 09-30-2021.

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