Segment 1: NFL Week 6. College football roundup. Tennessee BSE, the Ed O gas station whoa, Georgia’s D. Purdue knocks the number 2 out of Iowa. MLB playoffs, Dodgers – Braves, Astros – Red Sox, the hot or not rollercoaster. The Rams blowout the Giants. The accidental NY Giants deep dive of fail and the referendum on Gettleman. Daniel Jones, Matt Stafford, and a matter of fit. Bengals – Lions. Backing the bus up on Jared Goff and Ja'Marr Chase gives someone the business. Trogdor’s big, beefy arm. From Matt Van Pelt to Meth Van Pelt. Braves dap, Joctober, and Joc Pederson rocks the pearl necklace. Packers – Bears. Aaron Rodgers still owns the Bears. Double birds away! The Rodgers dilemma and lessons from the Patriots, the Bucs, and the TB12 method. Friendly QB rules and career longevity. The Russell Wilson parallel. The complete mishandling of Sean Taylor’s jersey retirement ceremony (1.01.25). Jackson Mahomes TikTok dances on the Sean Taylor 21 – where’s George Teague when you need him? Remembering Sean Taylor (RIP). Derrick Henry blows up the Bills and gets an Adele dedication. The Failhorn goes off the Meth VP rails, Dust in the Wind style. The Sports Brew, NSFW edition.   

Segment 2 (1.22.28): Salud o’clock! Easy drinking at Todd’s. Backyard drinking DD planning, porta potty problems, Willie Nelson smoking trees, and a rando McNabb drop. The Failhorn ban. The October sportspocalypse. Happy anniversary, D-Stat! The Ben Simmons saga, we talking about practice, and a prescient pre-draft analysis. Pro tips from Jason Kelce - Philly fans sniffing out the BS. The Dennis Schroeder parallel. Watering trees (and HVAC equipment). TikTok school challenge ridiculousness, wrecking school bathrooms, and a Sports Brew PSA. The Ravens annihilate the Chargers. Titans – Bills, Derrick Henry gloss, and going for the win. Cardinals – Browns. Raiders – Broncos. The Jaguars finally win and their kicker gets drug tested. Chiefs – Washington. Cowboys – Patriots shenanigans, the CeeDee Lamb show, and a Dallas stat party. Steelers – Seahawks, DK Metcalf cranks up the BSE, and Shannon Sharpe chimes in. The Failhorn two sack mesome. Vikings – Panthers. Colin Powell RIP. Wrap up, Sanford and Son, We are the World, a shout out for Jeff, and the burn unit says hi. MP3 format, 10-21-2021.

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