Segment 1: NFL Super Bowl Throwdown! The Bucs hammer the Chiefs – a great Tampa Bay performance, but an underwhelming Super Bowl. Valentine’s Day weekend fun and the wrong kinds of thong song. College basketball March Sadness plus Duke and Kentucky suck buckets. Appreciating the NFL’s efforts to navigate a season through the pandemic. Eagles fans get the Andy Reid they remember. Giving credit to the Bucs plus wondering what the heck happened to Kansas City. Mahomes’ Herculean efforts in the face of a monstrous Bucs defense plus a ridiculous KC drop party. A lack of adjustments, the Patriots vs Peyton parallel, and a humbling loss. Remembering the recent dynasties that weren’t – lessons from the Packers, Seahawks, Saints, and now the Chiefs. TB12 vs the Kellerman cliff, officiating sour grapes, and from Honey Badger to regular badger – nice Tweet and delete, bro. The most desirable Free Agent destinations in the NFL. The WFT sign Taylor Heinicke to an extension, a contractual atta boy, and an opportunity. The looming Alex Smith question. The NFL QB carousel, Dak, Deshaun Watson, and the hype video of fail. The Kirk Cousins – Dak Prescott parallel. The Super Bowl tag line - F around and find out. The Houston Texans full meltdown mode plus the Carson Palmer context. Carson Wentz goes rogue. The Make a Bish Foundation, meet the dockwads, and the Florida man Failhorn meth head Gummi Bear shakedown. Furry pron gone awry. College basketball roundup. Captain Morgan handle hydration, late night Halo 3 exit strategies, deuces, and JPP lends a helping hand.

Segment 2 (1.24.53): Super Bowl 55 – F around and find out! Valentine’s Day salud o’clock, Juvenile back that drank up style. Valentine’s Day beer name fail train. Kansas City’s self-inflicted wounds. The woulda, coulda, shoulda been fat man TD. The goal line stand – a missed opportunity, the shankopotamus, and Britt Reid’s fail train. Super Bowl 55 Rewind. The Chief’s fistful of first half fail, penalty parties, and the KC waiting game. Tyreek Hill gets a dose of the deuces from Antoine Winfield, Jr. Not even a garbage touchdown, ya’ll. Fun Factoids, meme parties, and prop bet shenanigans. TB12’s historic run, bringing one home without Belichick, and a John Elway Broncos Super Bowl throwback. The Tom Brady combine t-shirt and a Super Bowl parade throwdown. Drunk Tom Brady shiggles and the Lombardi boat toss of legend. The Terminator hits the snooze button. Wrap up, the rando MySpace remake - SpaceHey, and Lawyer Cat. The Super Bowl streaker and his prop bet of fail – zip your pie hole, you big dummy! Kevin Harlan’s excellent Super Bowl streaker call. TB12 Action Figure, Gorilla Glue Girl, and the Gorilla Glue Challenge PSA. Happy Valentine’s Day, friends! MP3 format, 02-13-2021.

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