Segment 1: NFL Super Bowl Preview, Round 2 FIGHT! Intro party, Kirk Cousins, Dogecoin, and the Reddit WSB shenanigans continue. The unexpected Tom Brady redemption story arc. Max Kellerman’s take goes off the cliff. Linde and the Failhorn throw down the TB12 gauntlet. Super Bowl rewinds, Randy Moss, plus when organizations shoot their shot (and when they don’t). Defense, the run game, plus methods of attack for the Chiefs and the Bucs. Gotta know when to gold ‘em and know when to hold ‘em. The Matt Stafford trade, off-loading Goff, Deshaun Watson, and the Chiefs haircut cocktail special. Calling our shots, round 2. Salud o’clock. The Dong Show Danger Zone. Vaccine naps.  

Segment 2 (1.04.57): Super Bowl betting fun, prop bets shenanigans. Outkicking the marital coverage, a mama D-Stat story, and quarantine package competitions. The Colts, FA QB discussions, plus Fitzmagic. The Joe Webb incident plus an all-time Fantasy Football QB waiver wire sneak. Good luck with that trade market, Raiders. Aaron Rodgers inspires a new take on the Haloti Ngata case race challenge. The Tampa Bay Chicken of the Trees Dong Show Screech Around. The Dustin Diamond RIP of Doom. Cobra Kai gloss, streaming fun, and the obligatory Fargo blast. Calling our shots, part II. Bad wife jokes, Valentine’s Day pro tips, and avoiding the couch fox hole. Wrap up fun, GME Stonk Switch party, and Diamond foreheads. The Failhorn – Linde olive branch. A Marilyn Manson tangent, Evan Rachel Wood, and getting fat and sassy with Super Bowl foodie time. Surviving the 2020 season, the Chiefs – barber incident, and Colin Cowherd says hi. Post podcast Bonus Screech Dustin Diamond RIP of fail, Death Pools, don’t mess with Dolly Parton or Betty White, and Dustin Diamond in the Wind (2.32.57). MP3 format, 02-5-2021.

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